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Complete Discography

Find out who wrote what, cut what, when…where…how. The total skinny on the input and the output.

Live Gigs

Find out where Gary (or Whitey) is playing near you. Don’t miss out on a great show. Everything you need to know is right here.

Listen / Buy

Listen to full songs from each of the albums offered on this site. When you’re ready to purchase your copy just Click n’ Go!

Latest News

New songs…new shows…new News about Gary and Whitey and all their mysterious goings-on.

Meet Whitey Johnson

Whitey Johnson is a recently discovered blues songwriter, singer and guitarist from Texas, now living in Tennessee and performing worldwide.

Contact / Bookings

Contact Gary with any questions or comments, or book Gary (or Whitey) for gigs.

Gary Nicholson

Gary Nicholson is a number one hit songwriter, a two time Grammy winning producer, recording artist, world traveling performer, and session guitarist. In 2006 he was nominated to the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame; in 2011 he was inducted into the Texas Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. There are over five hundred recordings of his songs in various genres including country, rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, and pop. His work has been included in many major motion pictures and on television. The song “Falling and Flying “ is featured in the Oscar-winning film “Crazy Heart” performed by Jeff Bridges. ”Peace Dream” recorded by Ringo Starr was co-written by Gary, Ringo, and Gary Wright and features Paul McCartney on bass.

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